We Filipinos, Inc. is a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to proactively supporting the Filipino and Filipino-American community of Northeast Florida, providing programming focused on improving socio-economics, health, and well-being, creating opportunities for community building in Jacksonville and our surrounding areas,  and promoting diversity through a greater understanding between Filipinos, Filipino Americans, and American communities.

Since 2009, We Filipinos Inc. (WFI) has partnered with the local Filipino community to host Filipino Pride Day (FPD): a celebration of Philippine culture, arts, and cuisine. While, FPD is a free cultural event for the entire community to enjoy and proceeds from the event go to local charities that make an impact in our community and in the Philippines.

Since WFI’s inception, over $50,000 has been donated and supported programs such as:

  • Medical Mission Pangasinan 2011 (PMS)
  • Patient Educational Materials in Tagalog & Spanish for Low English Proficiency (PNANEF)
  • Supplies for Free Clinic and Health Screenings (LOC)
  • Free preventative dental program (LOC)
  • Shipping costs of books for schools in Philippines (READ)
  • Scholarship program in Mindanao, Philippines (READ)
  • School building project in North Cotabato, Philippines (READ)
  • Permitting fees & reviews for Filipino-American Cultural Center (KR)
  • Conservation Site approval and application for Cultural Center (KR)

Filipino Pride Day Jacksonville, Florida